Vanguard Baskets



Stand & Sign Unit
Vanguard's functional, wire frame stands establish a location for the baskets so that customers can easily access them and employees know where to return them.

The sign encourages customers to use a basket, which enhances the shopper's experience and increases the likelihood of multiple-item purchasing. Stands and signs can be purchased separately.

Wheeled Trolley
Features four swivel wheels with two locking mechanisms for stability and safety. The trolley is convenient for collecting, distributing, and storing baskets. Holds 30 Express or 24 Jumbo.

Hot Stamp Requirements
Must fit in above diagram. Logo will be centered.
  • Express basket logo size is a maximum of 5" wide x 2.75" high.
  • Large basket logo size is a maximum of 7" wide x 2.75" high
Vanguard requires black and white camera ready artwork. PC/IBM compatible.
Please use the following guidelines
  • EPS Image: files need to have all fonts (if any) converted to paths.
  • TIF Image: file size should be 5" or 7" x 2.75" at a resolution of 600dpi.